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  • At CPC, we recognize that our highest priority is to love God. We do this through worship, prayer, Bible reading, and growing in our faith. To help us grow in our love for God, we offer a weekly worship gathering on Sunday mornings, as well as many mid-week groups for designed to draw people of all ages closer to God. 
  • We also recognize that we are called to love others. You’ll hear us talk about loving God, our family, our church family, our communities, and even our enemies! The Bible declares that God is love, and it’s our goal to be known like that as well.  To grow in our love for each other, we often have times of sitting and eating together, as well as social events and activities.  You won’t be around us for very along before you’re invited to hang out somewhere!
  • To show our love for God and others, we believe that God has called us to do good in our communities. Our church strives to be a church family that serves our community. We feed the hungry and help the poor.  We come alongside of people wrestling with addictions and mental health issues.  We do our best to serve our community, and be involved in the everyday life of the towns we live in.  We believe the work of the church is not to be centered on ministering only to ourselves, but rather to be centered on reaching out and sharing God’s love with others.  With this in mind, our church owns and operates The Merge, a community center in the heart of Marystown that exists so that we can “do good” and show love to others.
  • Finally, we recognize two life-changing truths: Jesus loves everyone, and everyone needs Jesus. We believe that only Jesus is able to change lives, forgive sins, make us new, and offer us eternal life. Through Jesus, God has proven His love for us.  It’s our goal to declare this hope to all, and point people towards Jesus.


Pentecostalism came to the Marystown area in 1956.  The early founders of the church included people like Flora Fizzard, Bobby and Stella Hodder, and Billy Foote.  They were searching for a deeper relationship with God, and began fasting and praying for such an experience.  God was faithful to hear and answer their prayers, and He began to move in our communities.

The PAONL heard the good reports from our area, and sent our Pastor Raymond Bursey and Pastor Ford Rideout to visit the area.  While the communities were being receptive to the gospel message, and especially Open Air services, there were not enogh people for the PAONL to establish a full-time work.  This decision did not discourage our church founders, and they continued to pray and believe, and also hold services in their homes.

In 1957, the congregation had grown and they began renovating a hay barn owned by Flora Fizzard, which would serve as a temporary church.  Around the same time, Pastor Max Spencer was appointed to the PAONL as the first pastor in the area.  It was not long before the barn was filled to capacity, and a bigger space was needed.

In January of 1958, the congregation began to cut logs for a new church, but a lack of snow prevented them from getting the logs out of the woods.  The faithful saints began to pray, and God provided a snowfall large enough for the men to get all of the logs out of the woods!  To this day, the term “Pentecostal Snow’ is used to describe the miraculous answer that God provided to the people’s prayers.  On land provided by George King, a new church was built, and the doors opened in 1958.  This church served the congregation for 16 years, and then, due to the growth of the assembly, another building was required.

On Sunday, April 7, 1974, a third church was dedicated to The Lord before a capacity crowd.  This building was used for 21 years, and then on Sunday, December3rd, 1995, a fourth church building was built and dedicated to the glory of God.

All throughout the years, God has been faithful to meet the needs of our church.  In November of 2013, our church took a step of faith and purchased a building that was formerly used as a Westside Charlie’s Bar, and renovated it so we could serve and reach our community for Jesus.  This building became known as The Merge, and since 2013 God has used this ministry to breakdown walls and reach hurting and broken people with His love and grace.

We are thankful for the rich heritage of the assembly, and for the many people who contributed to our ministries over the years.  God continues to honor their prayers and faith, and we firmly believe that “The best is yet to come” for Calvary Pentecostal Church, should Jesus tarry His return.

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